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Marc Jacobs is the King of Summer Fragrances

Marc Jacobs is the King of Summer Fragrances

You’ve probably seen the ads… a doe-eyed Fanning sister running through fields of flowers in slow motion, giving off not only ingénue-vibes but also the scent of summer. Yep, it’s Marc Jacobs. The American fashion designer does a lot more than make clothes for the contemporary woman. In fact, we think of him as more of a master perfumer, as he hasn’t brought out a single scent that we haven’t liked.

Each of his floral perfumes, from Daisy with its honey undertones to Lola with her sweet scents, is the perfect addition to your vanity cabinet for summer. The fragrances are not overpowering enough to stifle you in the summer heat. They’re pretty and subtle and you’ll be sure to get a few compliments when you go for a stroll around town. Here are our favourites for you to take a pick from.

Do you like floral scents?

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