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Tarot Tuesday: The Week of June 23, 2020.

Tarot Tuesday: The Week of June 23, 2020.


Happy Tuesday! This reading will be to see what your week ahead will look like. As always, take these readings as messages to your intuitions from the Universe, and allow yourself to adjust accordingly whilst you listen to what’s best for you. 

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The spread we have here is a simple five card spread, where we focus on the card deck Tarot of a Moon Garden, with one card from the Motivation Manifesto deck. 

The first card is from the Motivation Manifesto deck and reads, “we cannot timidly wait for everything to fall into our laps; we will receive only as we rise and march, for destiny turns its ear to those without fear.” This is such a great card to begin our week with, it is notifying and reassuring us that we can and should go forward in experiencing our life. With things we are nervous or worried about – go forth, with things we are scared to endeavor on – go forth! 

The second card is from the Tarot of a Moon Garden deck, and is the Eight of Cups. I have a feeling there is an area of your life that you’re not satisfied with, and this card comes at an accurate time for you. It is signifying change, transition, and wanting something more from your life. This goes well with Tarot Tuesday’s question reading pertaining to careers – it may be an interesting read for you, as we dive into decisions, life changes, and shifting paths (not just around careers). 

The third card is from the same deck, and is the 10 of Swords card. Whilst this card is generally a dark card, with 10 swords launching into the person’s back, we can look to the dragonflies attached to the swords which have the potential to mean beauty / positivity through deep changes (sword wounds.) In actuality the dragonfly is a symbol of self-realisation. Which connects perfectly with the Eight of Cups, with these new transitions, deep changes, and potential sheddings of things you no longer need – what self realisations are you having? Likewise dragonflies also pertain to the deeper meaning of life, which again goes well with the Eight of Cups circling around you finding a deeper meaning to your life. 

The fourth card is from the same deck, and is the 6 of Staffs card. This card is showcasing great triumph. With the unicorn looking exceptionally eloquent, and decorated with an arrangement of leaves, and flowers, it is alerting you that good news and advancement is coming. Imagine these cards as the days of the week or months even – remember that success & happiness truly comes (and stays for the long run) when found through a journey, there will be hardship, confusion, worries, relief, realisation, transition, adjustment, and then happiness. 

The fifth and final card is from the same deck, and is the XX Judgement card. Whilst many of us perceive this card to be as it is – about judgement, there is again plenty of positive within it. We can turn judgement around in a way to look at things introspectively, review things, careful considerations, and looking at the opportunities and successions we have had, and be mindfully grateful. Through all successes, it is important for us to remember to be grateful, and not take things for granted. I think reaching out to a loved one this week, and also reaching out to a friend, will benefit you and that relationship really well. I also feel that speaking about your plans to someone close to you (be it a plan to travel at some point, or a career change plan, or even the want to explore other options in your life) will be extremely beneficial to you.

Overall, your week is looking transformational to me, I see a lot of self-realisation going on, self reflection, and adjustments being made to suit your life better. And what a great time to do so! Don’t think you’re being selfish or that you’ll disappoint someone by changing your life, do it for you! But importantly – don’t forget to reflect, and sit mindfully with your achievements. For a lot of us, as we just experienced the new moon solar eclipse in Cancer, it’s a big moment of reflection, and deep consideration. Many of us may feel off balanced, sad, confused, somewhat like we want to curl into our shell a bit this week, and that is okay! Allow yourself to be deeply reflective, and likewise take your week in your stride, you don’t have to achieve massive goals, if anything deep reflection is a big accomplishment as you’re healing, and growing which is hugely important. Have a good week!

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