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Tarot Tuesday: Careers, Changing Our Minds, and Work Development

Tarot Tuesday: Careers, Changing Our Minds, and Work Development

We recently received a great question for a Tarot reading, that pertains to a feeling perhaps we all are feeling or have at some point during this pandemic. The question revolves around the uncertainty of work, career development, and what is in store for us next during these uncertain times. As a kind reminder, everyone’s journey, situation, background, and circumstances are different to one another, and these readings are for you to take the messages from the Universe, and use them alongside your intuition in going forward with what you feel is the best choice for you. Your own intuition is incredibly strong, and to believe in it first & foremost is such a powerful thing. 

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Question asked: “I am searching for work or trying to develop my career, could you enlighten me on the journey ahead and perhaps what’s in store.”

The spread we are doing today will be a six card spread with each card in a pair. The pairs represent always having “someone” or “something” alongside you, even if it’s your own soul, you’re never alone. Before we even jump into the cards individually, the whole spread is extremely positive looking. Each card bounces off it’s partner in a really positive, and inspiring way. Likewise especially with the question, and motivation cards, we see each one sort of reflecting one another. 

The first pair are from the card deck called The Good Tarot. The two cards are the 2 of Air, and the 2 of Fire – it could not get more symbolic than this! Firstly, the numbers are both two and this is so incredibly insync, and special alongside our pair / partner theme of the spread. Secondly, air and fire and two elements which both bounce off each other physically. Particularly in The Good Tarot card deck, they refer to the element air as the way we think. The 2 of Air is specifically asking you to take time off, and breathe. Yes many of us want to get back to work really quickly, which is understandable, however also allow yourself time to reflect & plan out your journey, and how you envision / want your next area of your career to go. Really allow yourself to pause, and reflect on what it is you want, and what you want next. Likewise remember, as the element is air, pollution is never good for anyone – be it air pollution, water pollution, or mind pollution, it’s never good – keep your air clean. 

I envision during this break, you / your loved ones will finally find something / explore something that they have been wanting to endeavor on for a very long time. The pandemic pushed us all to really pause, and this is no exception – as we are gradually coming out of it, I really see you / your loved one finally feeling the power to explore a true dream or goal. However – take it one step at a time. Don’t run before you can crawl – really check what steps you need in order to succeed on your idea of success. 

The second card is the 2 of Fire, this card within The Good Tarot deck represents initiation, transformation, and regeneration. This is a really great card to have alongside the 2 of Air, as we take our time with the Air card, and now are pushed to really start things up with the Fire card. Fire – while it destroys plenty, it also creates a lot. It creates warmth, comfort, it brings food to a boil, water to a warmth, etc. So whilst we take this time to draw out plans for our dreams, remember to take the time to spark a flame into action. Likewise going back to fire having the ability to destroy things, I also see this as a time for you to destroy certain patterns. I think you know that a certain job or career path isn’t for you, and there is no shame in destroying that pattern, and starting on something new. 2 of Fire in particular is asking you to map out your progress, and what you want. This is a time for going head first into our dreams, but also mapping things out accordingly – don’t rush into things, but rather really take your time to exhaust all your options, and paths you can take. Do you need to begin a new routine, by starting to wake up at 6am? Do you need to redo your CV and get assistance in proofreading it again? Do you need to take a new virtual class in shaping up on your coding expertise? Do you need to maybe even take time off again, to separate yourself from past career experiences? Within reaching our goals, there are steps, and levels we need to explore in order to work on ourselves to get ready for the goals in mind. 

Additionally the 2 of Fire card signifies that you’re on the right path in terms of work development and moving forward (not to be confused with being on the right career path, but rather you’re in the right mindset. So for each person this will be different, but for example if you’re thinking you need a change – then you’re on the right path. If you’re thinking you’re looking to succeed even more in your current job, then that’s the right progress.) It all comes down to your intuition, and what is right for you. Even the thought itself is courageous and requires even more courage, so do hold on to the courage you already have, and use that to really experiment, and push on towards your dreams. 

The second pair of cards are from the card experience deck The { } And. The first question asks you “what do you think are my top three priorities right now?” and the second question is “describe the moment you felt most alive.” Both are to be asked quietly to yourself about yourself. Explore what really drives you, what inspires you, what you are annoyed by & therefore procrastinate in doing it, what do you wish you were doing now? Very often we like to put things on external happenings, but sometimes there is great growth within asking the dark questions to ourselves, and using this time to expand on our own growths. 

The final pair of cards are from the Motivation Manifesto card deck, and will be used in propelling you / your loved one forward in the journey. The first card says “what should I finally face in my life? What truths or realities are preventing my growth and happiness? What could I do about it right now? How can I better connect with this moment so that I can master what the hour demands of me?” Again, this really pertains back to the second pairing, and asks you what are your priorities, and what is it you’re pushing away? Many times we look at the negatives in our lives, the downfalls, the pits we sit in and can’t see the light, so this motivation card is really asking you to reflect deeply and look at all areas of your life – even the areas you are ashamed of, disappointed in, confused by, or angry with. The bad bits are improvable, and with our strength will only make our great times better. The second card from the motivation deck says “if taking action toward our dreams before the perfect condition arise, or before we receive permission, is unreasonable or reckless, then we must be unreasonable and reckless.” What an amazing card – it truly is notifying you, and reminding you that there won’t necessarily be a perfect time to go ahead with something, or try something new, but rather, when you feel it’s time, then it’s time. With every movement, and step forward we make, no matter how big or small, it does push us further than we were 1 step before. 

Finally, we saw the Cancer new moon solar eclipse a couple days ago on Sunday June 21, 2020, which pushed many of us to feel overly emotional. Cancer exudes emotions, and therefore, plenty of us felt drawn into exploring just that. Apparently this new moon is the most powerful one of the year, and by saying such, it is no surprise that we are feeling stressed, sad, overly emotional, overly excited, and tired by feeling all this. As Cancer has always taught us that empathy is such an important and beautiful trait to have, this new moon is asking you to really be empathetic with those around you, yourself, your home, your love life, and your career. For example within your dreams and career goals, be gentle in allowing time for things to blossom – the day we plant the seed is not the day we see the flower, so remind yourself of the strengths you have and the lengths you’ve gone to achieve what you have this far. 

Likewise as such, the world is going through a lot right now – social injustice, race issues, climate change, a pandemic, etc. As we are present within the solar eclipse in Cancer, it is wise to use the time to reflect on how we can further remove the narrative from just ourselves, but further help those around us who are at a larger disadvantage due to social injustices. Refreshing our mental state and taking breaks away from ourselves can sometimes be very helpful. We are being asked to really look at our roots and look deep within ourselves at what we need, what others need, what safety is to us, and what safety is to others. How can we create a safe space for our dreams, love life, careers and health to unfold in a healthy and abundant way? 

Remember that changing careers, starting new projects, stepping onto new paths which are totally different to past paths you’ve been on are all totally fine things to do. If you’re 25, 45, 65 years old, etc, it is okay to change your path. The way I see it is that so many of us think if we change our career, or something we’ve put so much time into, that we will disappoint someone – be it your mum, your boss, your partner, etc. However at the end of the day the person who has to live your life is you. So really make sure you’re living a life you love and experiment with your choices. If you’re in the fashion industry but find you can’t stand it and have always wanted to try the music industry, try it. If you’re unsure if you want to take on this new massive job, practice by interning, watching interviews, taking online classes – all to get as much knowledge as you can before committing. If you are bored with your current routine, completely change it, change it so much that you are a little frazzled even. 

At the end of the day, the most important thing is not in pleasing others, but rather making sure you create and live a life that is meaningful and enjoyable for yourself

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