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A DIY Gift Guide For the Father Figure In Your Life

A DIY Gift Guide For the Father Figure In Your Life

Father’s Day is this Sunday, and whilst most who are celebrating may have already picked up their gifts, some of you may be running late. Don’t worry, here are a few ideas for quick DIY gifts you can make before Sunday rolls around.

Picture Frame/Photo Book

If you’ve got a printer at home or some old photographs of you and your father figure, then you’re all set to make this heartwarming gift. Grab an old photo-frame or empty notebook and get creative with collages, stickers, colours…you name it. Make it all the more special by adding a note to each picture, perhaps saying why that moment in time was so special. It’s sure to be loved.

Father’s Day Coupons

You can have a lot of fun with this one. Either cut or print a few cards in a coupon shape, and go wild – you can create a coupon for anything from ‘a long dad chat’ to ‘a hearty laugh at a dad joke’. The perfect light-hearted gift that keeps on giving.

Gift Box

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Grab an old basket, line it with your fanciest tea towel and throw in some goodies from the pantry – biscuits, tea, any of your dad’s favourites. Then pop in a heartwarming card to round it out.


Whether your father figure loves fitness, beer, or anything in-between, there’ll be a subscription for it. Grab one online and mention it in a heartwarming card.

How much have you/are you planning to spend on Father's Day?

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