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Tarot Tuesday: When Will I Meet the Love of My Life?

Tarot Tuesday: When Will I Meet the Love of My Life?

Good afternoon loves! Within this reading, the spread we are working with is a three line spread. The first card is the question that is needed to be asked importantly here, the second card is the card pushing you to see the future, and the final card is the one holding you back. 

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The question asked: “When will I meet the love of my life?”

The first card is from The { } And card experience, the question asks, “What do you always carry with you?” This is an interesting question as it could be seen as a physical thing you carry or an inner thing you carry with you. If you feel inclined to seek out the thing you carry as an inner entity, perhaps look deeply as to why you carry it. Is it anxiety? Is that halting you from reaching out to new people and getting to know them? Are you carrying past hurt with you? Have you not dealt with it yet, so you find it hard to create new relationships even as friends? Are you carrying positivity with you? Is this attracting more people than you need to you, and therefore making it hard to see or focus on the right one? If it’s a physical thing you carry and want to focus on, let’s look at: is it your phone? Are you distracted by constant notifications and non stop watching other people’s lives and not focusing on centering yourself and bettering yourself? As well – this question may even be pointing towards – what are your absolute goals and dreams in your life? As these things we usually “carry” around everyday, we can’t stop thinking about our goals, we need to achieve them, we have to plan everyday etc. The phrase “love of my life” doesn’t have to be about a person, the love of your life could be a job, or a hobby, or a place.

The second card is from the Motivation Manifesto card deck, and it says: This day is to be enjoyed like a pause at a cool stream during summer’s heat. Take this as a reminder to really find peace and happiness in pausing within yourself. Are you truly happy being with yourself first and foremost before anyone else comes into your life? Or on the other hand, focus on the now and not the chasing of that love, see the beauty in what is around you now, or the bliss of being where you are presently. Whilst I do see love in your life, I feel right now is the most important, and beautiful time for you to be in love with yourself. I really envision you mastering this ability to truly give yourself SO much love, and it’s a beautiful vision to see. The next year will really be a lot about that, where you go on so many journeys with yourself – tackling work, tackling friends, tackling yourself – there’s so many areas that will affect your life, and it’s so important to reflect on how you treat yourself during these adventures. I see a lot of really great potential though, and a lot of great improvements being made on yourself!

The third and final card is from the Good Tarot card deck, and it is the 7 of Water card. This card resembles the flowing of water and all it’s malleable properties. The number seven resembles a plethora of things but for this it really resembles trusting in the process and journey, even when we’re at a crossroads or confusion which the number seven also resembles. Also this card notes that even with boundaries or limitations – those things allow for manifestations. So in a way, don’t “water” yourself down for anyone, have your limitations and your criteria you want from a relationship and soon you’ll find the most honest, strong, and beautiful love. 

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Going back to your question of when you’ll find the love of your life – again as mentioned it doesn’t have to be a person. When will you find your dream job which could be the love of your life, when will you find that thing you can’t stop thinking about which could be the love of your life, etc. Try new things, remain flexible – though keeping within your boundaries, as you have to stay true to yourself still and be honest – don’t change for others if you don’t want to. Finding the love of your life doesn’t have to be this thing where you’re walking one day, and suddenly stumble into someone or something, it can be man made, it can be planned and worked on such as a career, finding the love of your life can be in your hands. There you’ll find the rest of your answers. 

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