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Tarot Tuesday: The Week of June 16, 2020.

Tarot Tuesday: The Week of June 16, 2020.


Happy Tarot Tuesday! As always, Tarot Tuesday includes one general reading to see what your week is going to look like, and then a second reading for one of your questions! Keep an eye out for that!

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A kind reminder that from these readings it’s so important to take what really resonates with you, and what your intuition is telling you is key. Listen to your voice, your heart, your soul, and your mind. What do you need right now? What is essential for your growth & change? Also remember, the things you don’t like to hear, perhaps dive in, and seek why you don’t like to hear those things. What have we been taught in the past to be conditioned by? What works for us? What doesn’t?

For this week’s reading I’ll be doing a simple T spread, this spread has two question cards at the beginning which will signify some question prompts for you to look at this week. Then the top three cards will signify how your week will pan out.

The first card is from The { } And card experience, and asks “what is the strongest common value of ours that connects us?” Now, instead of asking this question between yourself and a friend, ask yourself this question – but through the different areas of your life such as your soul & your mind, or your heart & your body, etc. For example, “the values I hold in my heart that are around support, love, and kindness, are reflected and connected to my body through being gentle with my body, caring for it, and working on it.” Understand that every aspect of your being is connected to another part of yourself. Our morals, and ideals, affect how we choose to live or treat ourselves. Does this change the way you feel about any part of yourself? Do you feel you may need to take some time to care a bit more for a certain part of yourself? Likewise, don’t sell yourself short – if you know what your strongest common value is, shout it out loud!

The second card is from the same deck, and asks “what is one thing you think I could change right now to earn more income?” This question really wants you to look at your abundance mindset. Do you constantly think – “ugh I’m low on cash, I can’t afford this…” or “I’m super scared to spend money, I’m going to be extremely frugal this week.” A lot of these ideas around money are conditioned sometimes from how we were brought up, our background, our family environment, etc, however we do have the power to change our course of mindset for the better. I recently really began to focus on the concept that whatever I put out into the world to better myself, or my business, will return to me 10x more. This concept is based around the abundance mindset and pushes ourselves to really manifest, and work on the things we want, and have faith that our intuition is guiding us on what’s good for us, and that it will come back 10x for us. This also goes beyond spending money, but even applying for jobs, if you apply for 10 jobs, but know you can apply for 10 more, your chances of getting an interview are now even higher. Importantly, I feel like this week with all it’s positivity, is asking you for more. More of what? More from you – don’t settle with complacency, push yourself to get even more from your job, your love life, your happiness, your health, etc. Focus on what you’re doing right, what are you doing well, and whats working? Of course it’s important for us to check what’s going wrong and not working for us, but we also create more by focusing on what’s working well for us. Recognise your strength, and don’t be afraid of discussing money, or asking for more. 

The third card is from the Fairy Tarot Card deck, and the card is the Six of Winter. This card is a beautiful card, and is acknowledging that there is positive change on its way. It wants you to know that through troubled times it knows you’ve been trying your hardest, and relief is coming your way. How the card suggests that travel or relocation may be on it’s way, I feel this could even go as far as your mindset. Your mindset might relocate or adjust to something new. It could be something you were so stubborn about previously and is now easing up, and you’re allowing yourself to explore new ways of life that aren’t so stressful as staying stubborn about something. The card also wants to note that though there is ice still on the water, the melting of it shows the warmth that the future may hold.

The fourth card is from the same deck, and is The Wheel. Going forward with this very positive reading so far, The Wheel is alerting you that unexpected good luck is coming. Again, it signifies travel or a new car, (perhaps this is alluding to lockdowns in most cities easing up – what will you do with this new found freedom?) The Wheel was a symbol of change, of new invention, and this really is a great sign for you week – there are a plethora of opportunities, and possibilities for you – invent them if you can’t find them! Just like the wheel – in all it’s 360 degree glory, there will be happy synchronicities available to you through this journey of exploring this week. Things will really line up for you, perhaps it’s your career lining up with your dreams, or your love life lining up with your schedule, whichever avenue it is – there appears to be a high level of synchronicity, and alignment happening. 

The fifth card is from the same deck, and is the Queen of Summer. This card exudes positivity, sunshine, a push for intuitive thoughts, and a comforting reminder. Summer is the time for exploring great new adventures, it is a time where everyone is awake, fresh, and excited! We’re in the middle of June, and this couldn’t be a greater time to receive this card / message! It is literally notifying you that you don’t have to be scared to try new things, and that good things are coming, and are right in your reach! If we connect the fifth card and the fourth card, we can see that by taking action and going forth with our interests or curiosities, there is the possibility for a really exciting, and positive adventure to unfold. 

Overall, this reading has been extremely positive! Your hard work from last week’s reading has really allowed you, and your soul to flourish this coming week. Almost like a blooming flower bud last week, you’re here in full bloom come Monday! Like a butterfly that has spread its wings finally, or a lily flower that’s petals have finally opened – you’re here! Honor your strengths, go forth in the world, and do what you must do. Whether that is testing the waters of the possibilities, exploring the abundance mindset, or simply being – have a great, and transformative week!

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