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Style Spotlight: The Brand That Embodies Mother Earth

Style Spotlight: The Brand That Embodies Mother Earth

Slow living is the epitome of wellness, and a brand that exemplifies this ethos to a tee is Cult Gaia

Have you heard of cult gaia?

Launched in 2012 by Jasmin Laurin, the line of womenswear, accessories and “heirlooms” is an ode to the natural world. Wood, muted tones and natural materials make up most of Cult Gaia’s collections, with the name itself alluding to Mother Earth (Gaia).

The brand’s manifesto reads that “perfection is imperfect, as nature dictates”, and the saying rings true across Cult Gaia’s pieces. Each item looks to be handcrafted especially for the recipient, as if no other person on earth would have the same thing. Unique, earthy and wonderfully conscious, Cult Gaia is a brand that we hope sticks around forever.

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