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Tarot Tuesday: Will I Be Okay On My Own?

Tarot Tuesday: Will I Be Okay On My Own?

Circle of Guidance Reading

Within this reading, we are working with a six castle spread. I call it a castle spread because there is one pillar in the center which is you and your question / hesitation, the two orange cards on top of it are the questions you need to ask yourself to open your heart up so essentially they are the gates to the castle, then you have two pillars which are on both sides of the middle pillar – the pillar on the right hand side to you is the one holding you back, and the pillar on the left to you is the one you need to listen to to be pushed forward, lastly we have the tower on top of the castle which is the card standing alone in front of your spread, this is what you need to look at in order to find true bliss, happiness, and freedom. 

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Question asked: “is me making the move of being on my own a smart move or will it ruin my future?”

Are you afraid of being alone?

The first card of the spread is from the Motivation Manifesto card deck. It reads: When we ready ourselves for our ultimate destiny, we release our childish, selfish needs and realign our priorities to those of the heart, we can finally reach those magnificent fields of human empathy, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, and courage. From this I’m getting this sense of putting yourself first. Pertaining to your question – if your partner or family or friend that you’re trying to remove yourself from or separate for a bit from, can’t understand that this is the time specifically where you need to do things for you, then perhaps it is wise reevaluating the relation or connection entirely. For when one entity speaks to the other expressing hurt, claustrophobia, boredom, needs to work on themselves alone, the other should listen attentively and try to understand. Your decision to separate or stay away for a bit, is not selfish, as it pertains to our ultimate destiny and working on ourselves for the better version of ourselves. In turn if you do feel you want to stay together but not under the same household, perhaps it’s a meaning of working on ourselves and reuniting even stronger for one another.

The second and third card of the spread are two questions from The { } And card experience. They ask: “How would you rate your life and what could you do to improve it?” and “What do you think I want most from life?” Both are asking the question to you. It seems from the question you asked above, that you do know yourself quite well, you are self reflective and introspective and likewise that you are caring. You seem to know that there is room for improvement and lots of room for your journey to grow. As well, as the card asks what do you want most from life – I get this feeling you already know the answer, and that the hard part are the repercussions or possible feelings of hurt you foresee or assume of. We are humans, we are expected to feel hurt no matter what chapter is to close or be put on  pause, allow yourself to really look at the big picture and soar for what you want your life to be like. Those who understand and see you for an honest entity, will get it.

The fourth card of the spread is the pillar of the past (what from the past is holding you here?) The card is from the Good Tarot card deck, and is the Ace of Water. This card aligns so well with your reading, it was surprisingly not surprising. It exudes unconditional love, and a flowing of co-creation from lathering each other with true, undying love. This signifies that this love is truly a deep rooted love, perhaps from the past, or signifying a long lasting love – or if not a long time love, perhaps it is just extremely strong and persistent. Usually we see things holding us back from the past as a negative thing, however here it is to be commended. How beautiful to have something so deep and strong, we must be quite grateful to have experienced this – no matter how long or short we did for. Nonetheless – as it is a pillar of the past it is holding strongly onto us. Perhaps instead of letting it go in its entirety, use this as a sign of a reminder that as this love is unconditional, strong, storm lasting, and ever flowing, allow it to let you fly. Fly high and far, and remember this love will always be with you. It is not a loss at all, for we have loved very deeply and not many can say they did. 

The fifth card is the left side pillar. This is the pillar that you need to push you forward. It is from the same deck and the card is the 2 of Water. This card does signify partnership, and likewise as symbolically the two represents two entities. If you feel you do want to break off the connection to your partner or friend, it may be wise to remember that your connection as noted above in the fourth card, is stronger than anything, and unconditionally the love will always be there even if a pause in the timeline is needed. However, looking at it – remember to look at it from all dimensions: water is reflective, even the murkiest or clearest water, will reflect you, there are two of yourself. If for example, in connection to your fourth card above, you feel the need to completely break off the connection, remember with the fifth card that you will never be alone, as you and yourself are always walking beside each other. Don’t let an idea of an unhappy or unsatisfied partnership keep you from your reality and truth. You will always walk next to yourself, behind yourself to keep pushing yourself, in front of you to cheer you on, and beside you to have someone walk arm in arm with you.

The sixth card and final card is from the Tarot of the Moon Garden card deck, and is the Six of Swords card. This sixth card is the tower on top of the castle that will set you free and is what you need to focus on in finding happiness and bliss. What pure bliss it is to find the Six of Swords as the Sixth card. This card exudes success after anxiety. What great hardships and lengthy difficult thoughts we’ve had with ourselves, but once we get through it, we will see clearer and fresher. It also signifies a trip or journey, and if this is anything, it’s shown us your true feelings around this question above, if you should be on your own, is indeed a question holding great weight.

Remember that the smartest moves you make in your life are the ones you make for yourself – with yourself in mind first. Keep your decisions headstrong, says the card and believe that greatness is out there for you no matter the solitude or loneliness that may come. Do not be afraid of this, as you’re stronger than you know.  Your life will never be ruined from this decision, as from true substantial love, it will always be there even oceans apart. Two entities and energies will always understand and love one another. And first & foremost, make sure you understand and love yourself.

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