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Tarot Tuesday: The Week of June 8th, 2020.

Tarot Tuesday: The Week of June 8th, 2020.


Happy Tarot Tuesday! If you’re new here, we do Tarot readings every Tuesday – one general one to see how your week is going to look, and then we also take one question from readers.

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For this reading I’ve done a four card spread. The bottom row are the cards guiding you around this week, the first is what will happen early in the week, the second is the midweek card, and the third card is for the final portion of the week. And finally at the top we have a motivational card which will guide you through motivation for this week. As a reminder, use these readings as a way to unlock your intuition and really follow your intuition. Take what you can from them, and follow your feelings within your own life. Your greatest gift is your intuition.

The first card drawn was from the Fairy Tarot Cards deck, and is the Princess of Spring card. This is a beautiful card and exudes brightness, joy, a bursting from a cocoon, and overall great energy. This is your start of the week – a great time to really get excited about what’s happening for you and what you’re planning. The card reads It’s time to go after your dreams! Do something that expands your horizons. Let your creativity take flight. I strongly feel you’ll be jumping head first into this week and that is incredibly commendable and inspiring! What tasks do you need to do that require all your good energy? Like the fairy swinging on her tree sing, really take pride in enjoying this week and what you’re passionate about. I feel there will be great experiences just by you saying YES, and from that you’re birthing perhaps new experiences around love, or career. Health will blossom in general as from what we see, your good energy and excitement will pull it all together. There is something really POWERFUL about the start of this week, and your energy – I’m honestly really inspired by the card and your upcoming week, and feel there may be some GREAT conversations that will happen. You’ll have the energy to have these conversations, and they may even bring great change around career, and relationships (platonic or romantic.) The Princess of Spring LOVES experiences, and wants to try everything and anything – what a thrilling pal to have! Of course this being said, it’s sometimes hard to focus when you’re doing so much and having so much fun doing it. This brings us to the midweek funk. 

The second card drawn was from the same deck, and is the Ten of Spring card. This is for your mid week. The card reads Ask for help from others! All work and no play. Being weighed down by too many responsibilities. As it’s midweek, the energy and tasks you put into play at the start of the week are really coming to life in the middle of the week. Come Wednesday you’re realising that you may need more hands than just yours to help you bring your dreams to life. Allow yourself to really enjoy the fruits of your labour and ask for some help so you don’t have to struggle so much or hold so much of the weight. As I mentioned in the first card, your health will prevail when you take care of yourself however midweek is looking difficult around your health if you don’t seriously look at spreading your tasks around, and avoid too much pressure and stress.

The third card drawn was from the same deck, and is the Eight of Spring card. Rounding up this week around Friday / the weekend, you’ve had the chance to really see the full length of your week and how it panned out from energetic starts, to frazzled middle but lessons learned, and finally the end of the week. However, the week doesn’t just end – it goes on to the next week! The card reads Stress that comes from having many things happening at once. Successful multitasking. Sudden events or changes. Again, from reflecting on the past week, we see that multitasking is important, but so is asking for help or an extra set of hands. Likewise as mentioned the week continues on, Sunday isn’t just the last day but rather the weeks are all cycles, therefore there is potential for great change to happen near the end of your week that you’ll need to handle still on the following week. This change could be slightly nerve wracking however it’s a good change. You’ll grow from the change, you’ll learn things about yourself, and become resilient to adversity and obstacles! The fairy is trying to handle eight dandelions that appear to be sparkling or holding light – what we know of dandelions is that if you blow on them, their seeds all fly off, therefore remember that even the good parts of your week and the successes will fade and become the past, though not diminished, it’s important for us to continue on to the next week and continue building on ourselves higher and higher. Likewise pertaining to what is going on in the US currently, with all the injustice, we are all doing our best to fight the injustice and educate ourselves further around systemic racism and covert racism, so do take the time to focus maybe on a specific area or book and really hone in on it. Spreading ourselves wide and far is good within activism and necessary. But to really absorb a topic and it’s information, perhaps it may be worth taking the time to really focus on one thing such as a specific book or specific campaign. 

The final card is from the Motivation Manifesto card deck, and reads Greatness belongs to those who have mastered the ability to focus relentlessly on their ambitions and act decisively toward them. Even in the week when things are getting stressful and there’s a lot on your plate, hold this card close to you and remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Why is this career important to you? Why do you continue to take on new work? Does it make you happy? Are you contributing to the greater good of your community and yourself? Are you letting setbacks tear you down and stop you from carrying on? Take strong decisions and then deal with them accordingly, don’t ponder too long on your thoughts, as these experiences and moments are subject to fly away. Live your life strongly and with intention. 

Overall, I feel the week is going to be really positive for you, and a great learning curve actually. As mentioned there will potentially be some hardship or some obstacles in the week that may even be brought on by yourself (taking on a lot of work / multitasking). However, do not let those things deter you from progressing on, you do have the power within you to achieve your goals, and with your great, exciting, creative, and enthusiastic energy, you can get the life you want. Have a good week!

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