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FLAURA 5: Black-Owned Makeup Brands

FLAURA 5: Black-Owned Makeup Brands

Celebrating makeup brands founded by powerful black women who are constantly creating, motivating, and inspiring the beauty industry with their skills, passion, and expertise.

  1. Beauty Bakerie Makeup

Beauty Bakerie’s motto is to ‘Be Better, Not Bitter’. Founder and CEO, Cashmere Nicole’s outlook on life is the same. Owing to her success in never giving up and continuously inspiring others, Nicole believes in being sweet and spreading sweetness to others. With thousands of followers including celebrities such as Beyoncé, Beauty Bakerie is the sweetest thing yet. 


  1. Coloured Raine Cosmetics

With their roots inspired by embracing diversity and creating unity through spreading awareness online, Coloured Raine Cosmetics envisions to become a stand-out cosmetics company that breaks down all beauty barriers. Brooklyn-born Lorraine R. Dowdy developed this makeup line to encourage people to feel good in their skin and develop their own self-expression through makeup. 

  1. Fenty Beauty 

Singer and actress, Rihanna revolutionised the beauty industry with the introduction of 40 unique shades to her foundation line. Having tried many makeup products herself and feeling disappointed about the lack of choice when choosing a deeper foundation that matches people’s skin tone, Rihanna created her own line of makeup. Since the launch in 2017, Fenty Beauty has won many awards and praise from countless consumers, celebrities, and makeup artists.

  1. Pat McGrath Labs

Developed by award-winning makeup-artist Pat McGrath, this makeup company is a consumer’s heaven. Being well-known for working backstage during fashion shows and developing makeup with big fashion houses, thousands of consumers sent in requests for her to release her own line of makeup due to her talent and years of expertise.

  1. The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar prides itself as an inclusive, vegan, and cruelty-free brand. Founder Melissa Butler, previously appeared on Shark Tank (the American equivalent to our Dragon’s Den) and promoting The Lip Bar to the Sharks and failing to get any offers, Butler didn’t stop making her dreams come true. Having started in 2012, The Lip Bar now has its own flagship store, selling its products in over 450 Target stores and carries on their message: Everyone is beautiful.

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