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This Infinitely Recyclable Sportswear Is Made From Ocean Waste

This Infinitely Recyclable Sportswear Is Made From Ocean Waste

Comfort, inclusivity and sustainability aren’t just millennial buzzwords – they’re ideals that we’re embodying in the new age of fashion, and Norba allows us to do this beautifully.

The Ukranian sportswear brand, started in 2018 by two sisters, offers sustainable items that are made using nylon from ECONYL®. ECONYL® is an Italian company that produces regenerated nylon that comes from nylon waste (fishnets, fabric scraps, industrial plastic and carpets) from landfills and the ocean. The ECONYL® regeneration process consists of “rescuing” the nylon waste, recycling the waste back to its original purity, remaking the new virgin nylon into carpet and textile yarn, and allowing fashion brands and carpet producers to create new products. The process allows the nylon to be “infinitely recyclable” along with saving 70,000 barrels of crude oil and avoiding 57,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The products that Norba deliver are thus not only a waste solution, but are also environmentally friendly, helping provide a sustainable solution to climate change. In addition, the workout gear come in earthy tones that cater to all skin tones, with comfortable fabric that “[appreciates] natural features [of] the female body”. The items provide a great fit, and an even greater sense of confidence, as you’ll not only look good, but also feel good about helping the environment.

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