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The Black-Owned, Korean-Beauty Retailer You Should Know About

The Black-Owned, Korean-Beauty Retailer You Should Know About

It’s no secret that I love Korean Beauty and I will use a sheet mask every single chance that I get. So, hearing about Skin Library was nothing short of a dream. The online beauty retailer curates a selection of K-beauty products – from cleansers and toners, to mists, moisturisers and, you guessed it, masks.

Regularly visiting Korea, the Skin Library team discover the products that make-up artists, dermatologists, aestheticians, editors, and cosmetic scientists are recommending and then review the products to ensure their quality before bringing them our way, with their process making sure that only the best of the best reach us.

In keeping with their ‘library’ theme, the team also curate an ‘Ingredient Dictionary’ where they break down all the ingredients you’re likely to find in their products, from acrylates to xylitol. Their site thus serves not only as a great shopping destination, but also a great resource to learn more about skincare and K-beauty.

Do you have any k-beauty products in your routine?

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