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4 Easy Tips to Help You Read More Books

4 Easy Tips to Help You Read More Books

Many people only really read when they’re on holiday. The rest of the year, they read a few pages every now and then, and one poor book can lie on their bedside table for months, a thick layer of dust forming on it. If you find yourself in this description, are disappointed with yourself and would like to read more, you’ll find the following tips useful.

Get rid of distractions

It’s easier to watch TV or scroll through Instagram than to read a book. If you really want to find the time and the willingness to read, you have to make reading the only option. Turn off the television, move it to another room if necessary and put your phone to flight mode. Then grab your book and don’t allow yourself to get back to any other activity.

Read anytime and everywhere

Have a book in your bag anywhere you go. Read while you’re waiting in line, during lunchtime (if you’re eating alone, of course), when you’re having a break. What we tend to do when we’re waiting for a friend or when we’re queueing is check social media, look at random pictures or videos and text. Reading is a bit like walking: reaching 10,000 steps is pretty easy if you do it throughout the day. Reading a certain number of pages is easy in the same way.

Listen to audio books

Audiobooks are great because they allow you to “read” books while you’re doing something else: driving, running, walking, cleaning … They’re a great way to save time! You can listen to some books online for free, for example to Harry Potter read by Stephen Fry. If you want to have access to a wide range of books, consider subscribing to Audible.

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Don’t be afraid to give up on books

Sometimes it’s hard to get yourself to read because you simply don’t like the book you’re reading. For some reason, putting it away feels like a failure, but it shouldn’t. Deciding to give up on a book just means that you now have the time and possibility to read a different book that you’ll actually enjoy. A good book can be as addictive as a hot series on Netflix: you can’t wait to get back to it and grab every chance you’ve got to immerse yourself in it.

Do you have trouble finishing a book?

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