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Tarot Tuesday: What Does Another Universe Want Me To Know?

Tarot Tuesday: What Does Another Universe Want Me To Know?

Circle of Guidance Reading

Within this reading, we are looking at your guidance and intuition through a circular spread. This circular spread resembles life and change in all its glory of a circular motion, through life to death and back to life. We will read the spread clockwise, to follow the natural motion of time, though noting that all guidances and journeys are not always linear. I found actually that the number of cards here (eight), is significant in that according to the Good Tarot card deck, “eight [resembles] the energy of movement from one state to another, and, like its symbol of infinity, it resembles evolution and continuity.” From this unexpected discovery, in turn I ask that you trust in your intuition of what feels right for you and not to second guess your decisions or thought processes if they feel right to you.

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Question asked: “What does my current self in a parallel Universe, want my current self to know?”

The first card pulled is from the Motivation Manifesto card deck. It says Let us believe faithfully that our dreams are worthy of any struggle and that it is our time to free ourselves and rise to glory. This card is asking you to really reflect on your current struggle you’re having – and allow yourself to recognise the greatness that you’ve achieved this far on your journey in this specific area. Importantly it is also letting you know that through this hardship or slow struggle you may be feeling – know that you’re on the right path though, and that it will be worth this. 

The second card pulled is from the same deck. It says Without self-mastery, we are slaves to fear, impulse, and conformity. With self-mastery, joy, greatness, and transcendence are ours. During this specific time – a lot of us have time to be at home and work on ourselves. Allow yourself to master things that are important to you – even if not perfected, still allow yourself to step into passion projects and areas you’re keen on exploring. What is keeping you away from trying that specific goal out? Have you planned enough on a certain project or running head first into it without any ounce of thought? Are you conforming to how others want to see you or to what they expect from you? 

The third card pulled is from the The Good Tarot card deck. The card is the Magician card. The Magician card is asking us to believe in our spirits more and the spirit around us. Similar to above of self-mastery, even if we have the technical and business side perfected – without the spirit or good energy of believing in what we’re doing, most will fall short or burn out – the spirit is what carries us along. Remember that manifesting and believing in the spirit and intangible energy is half the journey. 

The fourth card pulled is also from this deck and is the High Priestess card. This card resembles a note to believe in our intuition and when we allow the Universe to take us on our journey, that we put our trust in it and good things come from this. Our intuition is immensely strong and from trusting in it, we allow our minds and souls to be transported to receiving higher messages. 

The fifth card pulled is also from this deck and is the 7 of Water card. From this card I’m getting a sense of real imagination and the idea of endless possibilities. Like water – we are malleable, we are deep, we are necessary – put yourself first and allow yourself to go find the endless possibilities like the wide and deep ocean. The number seven relates to seeking wisdom – go find what you need by seeking out the possibilities and taking what lessons, knowledge, and freedom you can from it.

The sixth card pulled is from the Tarot of a Moon Garden deck, and is the Eight of Staffs reversed. This card reversed, can elude to the notion of stagnation. Amongst a plethora of other meanings, I am getting this feeling that with the theme of water above in the fifth card, this is a warning. Don’t allow yourself to stagnate, continue moving, remember even the smallest step is further than where you were a moment ago. Perhaps there is jealousy involved too. People who do not understand what we do, or are disbelievers and non-supporters in our journey, are not good to our health or energy. Stay wary of these people and energies – do not entertain them and avoid giving too much of your energy to them.

The seventh card is from the same deck and is the Six of Pentacles. This card is beautiful upright – it signifies kindness, generosity, gifts, and gratification. As the second to last card, we are coming full circle in this journey. It is a reminder that what we put our efforts in will come full circle to us. If we invest our money in something it will come back to us 3x fold. Manifest the abundance and note down even the smallest gains and tiniest wins – they will add up and are important. 

The eighth and final card is from the The { } And card deck. A deep and meaningful card experience, these cards will ask you the important and introspective questions we must learn by. The question pulled was “When do you feel that I judge you, and why do you think I do?” Ask yourself this question to yourself. Through your journey, and experience with life, ask deeply why and when you judge yourself. Are you allowing yourself to run free with your dreams and goals? Or are you judging yourself, and shutting yourself down before even trying to achieve a dream? Do you self sabotage easily? Are you hard on yourself and do you belittle yourself? Let yourself breathe – affirm positively – and hold judgement far from yourself. 

As a whole – this reading was very positive. As the full circular spread and in all its eight card glory – may you be reminded that your current self in a parallel Universe, is trying to push you to spread your wings and really reach your dreams. As your current self – no matter what Universe or lifetime they’re in – they know you for you, they know your insides, your outsides, your fears, and your dreams. Believe in your intuition and what you want to do that is already deep within your heart. No other self or alternate Universe needs to remind you of that – however it is reassuring that it is comforting you, and reminding you that you’re on the right path, and can follow on by living fearlessly and truthfully. 

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