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Tarot Tuesday: The Week of June 1st, 2020.

Tarot Tuesday: The Week of June 1st, 2020.


Hi! I’m MC & I’m so excited to be starting Tarot card readings on FLAURA! I believe that by using our intuition, heart, mind, and soul, we are able to tap into the divine. Take what you can from the readings and positively go forth on your journey of life with it. Tarot card readings are a way to tap into the Universe and your intuition, and can guide you through all energetic webs there are through life. Tarot readings won’t give you definitive answers like “yes you’ll marry Bob next year” however they will guide you through your intuition and your inner wisdom, and will help you understand what you need to know in this present moment.

I’ll be sharing readings every Tuesday to illuminate what your week may look like. Keep in mind everyone’s weeks and days are different, so take what you can from the reading and allow yourself to use your intuition to adapt it to your lifestyle.

Likewise, I will do readings with questions from viewers, so please send them in – it could be anything from “am I on the right career path?” to “how can I be a better friend?”

If you would like to send in a question for a Tarot reading, please email:

For this reading I’ve done a simple six card spread. The bottom row are motivational drops of light for you to use as inspiration getting through this week, the middle row are the cards as messages of what is to come this week, and the final top card is a question to ask yourself in order to further boost the quality of your week.

The first card is from the Motivation Manifesto card deck, the card reads The main motivation of humankind is to be free, to express our true selves and pursue our dreams without restriction – to experience what may be called Personal Freedom. This card is asking you to really tap in to what inspires you and what you can do to pursue your dreams with no restrictions – this means no self sabotaging either. Many of us, myself included, have experienced imposter syndrome where we think we don’t deserve to be where we are – even if we’ve worked incredibly hard to get there, or we aren’t qualified enough etc, however it’s important to remember the strengths we have and how they brought us to where we are. Likewise, especially in times like right now where social injustice is incredibly high, remember that as humans we have a right and duty to help bring others with us on our journey and for them to reach their dreams too. In times of injustice and unfairness, use your kindness, strength, and voice to help bring along those that are treated otherwise. Never doubt the intensity and strength that you have by opening up avenues of freedom and leverage for yourself and others.

The second card is from the same deck and reads The divine hand gives freely to all. How many times did you say “yes” last week? How many times did you say “yes” to something that was thrilling, scary, or exciting? Even through self-isolating we have the power to say yes to opportunities online, collaborations, even our passion projects, we have the ability to show up for ourselves and say YES! – I’m going to do this! I strongly feel you’re going to really take this week to explore and expand on saying yes, I can feel some strong opportunities to use your voice, explore new career avenues (no matter how big or small), and perhaps a new achievement this week – all because you said yes!

The third card is from the Tarot of a Moon Garden card deck, and is the Five of Swords. Coming after the second motivation card asking you to say yes more, this perhaps has thrown you in to a situation of a conquest or hard area. The Five of Swords card is always a bit of a tricky card as there’s plenty of hard meanings with it such as a conquest or a defeat. Nonetheless, I’m seeing a really positive vibe the card is giving off. This could be shining a light on what “conquests” you may have to overcome or go through. Don’t shy away from this or be fearful, again like the above card, welcome this conquest by saying YES and pushing through it, as no matter what, you will come out stronger on the other end.

The fourth card is from the Good Tarot card deck, and is the Empress. The Empress signifies fertility and a great time to “birth” new ideas and creations. On this card, the Empress is holding a bundle of wheat, with both hands very strongly wrapped around it. This exudes a meaning of what we want to plant (whether its a seed of an idea or the wheat to grow something), we are in control and have the power to plant it. Use this time to really affirm the great bits of you and know that manifesting an abundance of health, wealth, success, happiness, or love, is all in your reach. The Empress signifies that there is endless possibilities in the world right now and you have every right to obtain and create these possibilities. As well, I feel this card is asking you to recognize and find comfort that the day you plant the seed is not the day you see the plant. Remember to be patient, water the plant / idea, and walk with it as it grows each day. Similar to what I mentioned in the first card, each day we work on bringing awareness to the injustices at hand, is another day of progress. Our work is never done around injustice, growth, or journeys. We have to consistently show up for one another and water the seed of justice so that it never frails again. Likewise, note how strongly the Empress is holding her wheat, don’t allow yourself to hold onto your ideas, or projects too strongly that you end up not sharing them at all. Sharing your wealth, sharing your happiness, sharing your ideas, are all beneficial and positive. I feel you may start up something or have started up something that is going to be truly life changing for people. Again, no matter how small a seed is, it has the ability to grow immensely large.

The fifth card is also from this deck and is the 10 of Air. This card symbolizes a clear and free mindset. 10 is the final number in the suit and signifies a full completion. Alongside the Empress, the 10 of Air is like a soothing pat on the back – sharing with you that “you’ve done it, you’ve planted the seeds or the wheat and now you’re here and ready for the fruit to come through.” We will have gone through the week having learnt lessons (from the conquest) and can see clearly what we need to do now moving forward. No matter what difficulties we have faced this week, we will come out of it with all good and nothing that doesn’t contribute to the higher good of me. The 10 of Air wants you to know that we have the ability to respond any way we want to towards adversity and challenges, but we have gained the knowledge to know that we have that control and can end hurtful or detrimental patterns with grace and poise, saying goodbye to old ways that no longer benefit us positively. Tying loose ends up, we move on to the next week with an even bigger heart, bigger growth, bigger mental capacity, and bigger kindness.

Likewise, this Friday a Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse will occur. Lunar Eclipses will have us look at our relationships and the differences or challenges within them. Just like the 10 of Air, a Full Moon is incredibly symbolic around a full circle of a journey. It is asking us to look at our lives both logically and with a broader mind. During this time, I feel you may be questioning certain aspects of your life, whether it’s the career or love life part, there may be tough questions you need to ask yourself. Mercury is also in Cancer from May 28 to August 4, and will ask us to really look at the quality of our lives, not the quantity of what we have. Again, I sense you will have some reviewing to do in terms of your relationships and connections, but try to think with a clear head – not an impulsive one – and make rational and patient based decisions. Venus is in Gemini from April 3 – August 7, and this really pushes us to try a bit of everything in the realm of love and social areas, and what a great time for this. Whilst Mercury in Cancer is asking you to be really reflective, Venus is asking you to be free, and allow yourself to enjoy, maybe this is trying three different careers or side jobs, or taking up a new hobby or two, or having FaceTime dates with three new prospects. I see new love coming in – and it may not be romantic, but rather a new love for a new career, or new love for a hidden area of your job that you’ve discovered, or a new found love for your SOLE self.

The final card, which is from The { } And card experience, asks the important question: “What do you think would help improve our relationship?” Looking back on our full journey after receiving the 10 of Air, this question card is asking you to reflect now. Look back at the week, maybe ask yourself this question near the end of the week. I want you to first ask yourself this and really dive deep into the area of your life that you want to improve. Next, ask someone who perhaps is giving you that conquest, and that difficulty or push and pull – ask them what would help improve your relationship with them? Facing adversity and confrontations are uncomfortable but allow us to grow and open up for honest communication. Ask the hard questions.

Overall, this week is looking very positive for you – along the turmoils, hardships, and uncomfortable situations that may arise, they are only there to make you grow mentally and soulfully. What can be done this week to push yourself? What can be done to make yourself grow and expand in a positive way? How can you show up for yourself and further help yourself reach your goals? Have a great week!

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