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AMPLIFY: Is Your Company Using a Bias Blocker?

AMPLIFY: Is Your Company Using a Bias Blocker?

In standing in solidarity with the black community, we’re introducing an AMPLIFY series where we explore ways in which our communities can actively work to combat racism and injustice. This week, we’re focusing on racism in the workplace.

Whether we like to admit it or not, discrimination in the workplace still happens, be it based on gender, race, religion or other grounds. And often times it happens as early on as the hiring process. Digital company, The Dots, has found a solution. 

The website, which allows companies to post and recruit for creative jobs and counts Adidas, Sony and Burberry as some of its recruiters, introduced a ‘bias blocker’ tool in 2018. The inbuilt tool allows companies to hide the names, photos, education and other aspects of a candidate’s profile, so that they are not subjected to “unconscious” bias (should there be such a thing). Following in the footsteps of Deloitte, The Dots’ bias blocker tool sends a message to companies that the recruitment process should be transparent and equal, and that candidates should be “considered solely based on talent.”

The obvious takeaway is that every company on The Dots should enable the bias blocker tool and every company off The Dots should find ways to replicate its measures in their own hiring process. Doing this will help eradicate any prejudice in the hiring process, and whether you’re a manager at your place of work or a junior employee, it’s important to speak up to encourage your company to integrate bias blockers and other similar measures. It’s also important to record, post-bias blocker, the increase or decrease of ethnic or minority hires. This will without a doubt paint a picture of how far bias goes in your professional system.

Have you noticed discrimination in your workplace?

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