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Happy Hobbies: The Art Of Flower Pressing

Happy Hobbies: The Art Of Flower Pressing

Flower pressing is a simple craft that allows for you to keep beautiful blooms in your home all year round.

Whether you want to preserve a sentimental bouquet, or start a new crafting project by creating your own unique, natural display, flower pressing allows for you to get creative and embrace all things floral. 

Follow our simple steps in this episode of Happy Hobbies below for an easy flower pressing method:

  1. Not all flowers are easy to press, to get the best results try to use freshly bloomed flowers and flowers with naturally flat faces.
  2. When you have chosen your selection, trim down any stems and leaves.
  3. Find the heaviest book you can find and open to the middle.
  4. Place a piece of kitchen roll or paper on one side and delicately arrange your flowers on top, making sure they are all spread out.
  5. Cover with another piece of kitchen roll / paper and close the book.
  6. Weigh the book down with other books to create a heavier press, leave for one-two weeks / until the flowers are dry and there is no moisture.
  7. Carefully remove the flowers using a pair of tweezers and voila! Your very own collection of beautiful press flowers.

Now you have you flowers, here are some ideas for what to do with them:

  • Create a pretty wall decoration and arrange them in a hanging glass frame.
  • Decorate homemade gift tags and cards.
  • Create a striking layered collage or add them to a drawing or painting.
  • Stick them to pretty much anything!

Have you tried flower pressing before?

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