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10 Affirmations to Practice for Self-Love

10 Affirmations to Practice for Self-Love

Creating specific & meaningful affirmations for ourselves to truly resonate with, is so vital for our self-love and our longevity around connections & energies. We all have heard generic and sweeping affirmations such as “I’m beautiful” etc, and while those have the best intentions, they may act as a temporary or quick fix affirmation – and I feel we can go ever deeper. With going deeper, we open ourselves up to creating deeper connections, and longer lasting bonds around how we treat ourselves, how we see ourselves, and likewise how we speak to ourselves. Below are ten affirmations to practice for self-love, some I’ve elaborated more on, and others I’ve left open for you to dive into and see how they resonate with you personally:

1 – My connections and relationships with others are honest, meaningful, and positive. 

When I was younger, my friends and I always liked the idea of “dating to marry” (essentially dating someone to eventually marry them.) If we weren’t dating to eventually marry them, then the only other option was dating to break up eventually. While this idea still has some truth and is nice to think of, it’s still very black or white and in a world with inevitable greys and layers, I’ve found that many of my connections and relationships have been to teach us something, or to simply enjoy a connection and company. By enjoying the experience & being in the moment, we allow ourselves to grow and learn more through each encounter. There’s a great saying that people are in our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime – I feel this more accurately portrays – at least my dating / connection – experience with people nowadays. As I’m not just looking at a lifetime with them, but more so, “what amazing experience, by simply experiencing each other, can we have?” 

2 – I will learn and recognise that fear is an emotion, and one to protect me. But my courage & passion will protect me even more. 

Push yourself with the fire inside you – whatever that may be – and use it to propel you to do anything you set your heart to. There are many scary factors within the Universe that we are halted by or even the idea of that particular factor before it even comes to us – is frightening. Use the fear to prepare yourself and the details leading up to the journey, but don’t let it stop you. Push through with your courage and passion and use those fiery ignitors to land further than you ever expected! 

3 – The day you plant the seed, is not the day you eat the fruit.

It’s important to remember within healing and growing we won’t necessarily be changed or transformed in one day. It takes days, weeks, months, and sometimes years to see the transformation of ourselves. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you still feel the same way you did two weeks ago, and likewise don’t be so hard on yourself if today you are starting a journey of healing, but can’t get past a certain trauma. It all will eventually happen, one step at a time. 

4 – “As the sun cannot withhold its light, we cannot withhold what feels real.” – Mark Nepo

Explore your passions, your interests, your curiosities. Life is way too short (and in a way long) for us not to satisfy our deep soul’s desires and passions. Likewise, this goes into play around our identities – who are you? Are you showcasing the real you? Are you proud of who you are? What aspects do you want to share more of? For example, I identify as Pansexual and through this year so far, I really wanted to explore more of that – and what it means to me, and who I date and love. Exploring unique sides to you that you haven’t really explored before, or have suppressed, can be extremely invigorating and freeing. 

5 – “Those who drink from the one water gaze at the same stars.” – Mark Nepo

6 – I will allow myself to open a space up around me – for me – where I can cry, laugh, whisper, rage, and sit

7 – I don’t base my worth off of people’s expectations of me.

8 – I will pick up the phone for myself more and more, to listen to myself & my inner feelings, instead of saying I’m busy please call again later.

9 – There is a plethora of paths, journeys, and adventures I can embark on in this life, I will go forth with my head and heart at the forefront. 

10 – Strength and softness, courage and sensitivity, confidence and vulnerability, I will be all these things and ignore those who say I have to be one or the other. I am a malleable and sturdy individual, and my adaptivity and unwavering pillars around me – which make me, me – will guide me through this lifetime. 

Do you have trouble cultivating self love?

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