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Meet Flamingo, The Brand Making Hair Removal Stylish

Meet Flamingo, The Brand Making Hair Removal Stylish

If you’re not a part of the waxing/sugaring/laser gang, then you’re probably on the shaving team (or you forego hair removal altogether). But choosing the right razor is crucial, as the wrong ones can give you nasty bumps or cuts, which can get infected if they go unnoticed or aren’t taken care of properly.

So, it’s important to find a razor that’s easy on the skin yet still manages to produce the result of complete and utter hair removal. Enter Flamingo.

Named after “the one-legged pose you make in the shower while you’re shaving’ (genius, we know), Flamingo sells an affordable and stylish razor that comes with an aloe-vera infused foaming shave gel and a hydrating body lotion.

Manufactured in Germany, and counting Harry’s vets on its team, Flamingo is a thoughtful start-up that sees the importance of making hair removal an easy and effortless, yet incredibly stylish, experience.

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The brand also sells a body waxing kit and a face waxing kit, further catering to our diverse needs when it comes to hair removal. If you’re looking for a new brand to help you get the hair off, then Flamingo might just be the one.

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