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How To Take Comfort In The Simple Pleasures During Lockdown

How To Take Comfort In The Simple Pleasures During Lockdown

As our lives continue to adapt to the lockdown measures currently in place, the dramatic shift in our daily routines and freedoms has seen many of us having to slow down and appreciate the simpler things in life. 

Embracing activities often overlooked in our usual fast pace routines has quickly become the norm – whether that’s going for a daily walk, reconnecting with old friends or trying your hand at a new hobby.

Sometimes the smallest things can bring us the greatest comfort. Finding ways to enjoy the simple pleasures in life can provide us with those small pockets of happiness that help through times of change and uncertainty.

We explore some of the most popular activities and micro-trends that seem to be helping the nation through lockdown: 


I can hold my hands up and say yes, yes I am one of those people who have made banana bread in lockdown, and it was fab. Whether it’s banana bread, a sourdough starter or just trying to cobble together what you can with the random ingredients you can get your hands on in the shop, getting creative in the kitchen can provide a wholesome sense of accomplishment that you can enjoy with your whole household – or just yourself if you don’t want to share!


Whether you’re exploring new walks from your doorstep in your local area, or taking part in a virtual yoga or keep fit class, exercise can be a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. 


Who knew that virtual quizzes on Zoom would be the new night out in 2020? Delving into your general knowledge or guessing who said what cringe worthy Facebook status way back when is a hilarious way to enjoy a drink, socialize and unwind with friends and family.

Exploring a new hobby

We don’t need to force ourselves to learn a new language or musical instrument, however, if you do feel the urge to order a set of paints and uncover the artist within, or simply pick up that book you’ve been meaning to start for months, putting time aside to enjoy a new activity can be a great source of calm and relaxation. 

Regardless if you’ve done all or none of the above, lockdown is not a competition. Don’t feel guilty for not keeping up to date with the latest Netflix obsession or organizing your house from top to bottom, do what is right for you and your routine right now to find those small moments of happiness. 

Have you started a new hobby in lockdown?

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