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Happy Hobbies: Knit Your Way To Calmness

Happy Hobbies: Knit Your Way To Calmness

Another week of lockdown combined with a failed sourdough starter may be a sign that baking bread is just not your hobby.

While many of us are still searching for creative ways to fill our time, breaking out the knitting needles could be the solution and a perfect example of Happy Hobbies.

Thanks to the Egyptians and a resurgence among millennials, knitting is the hobby that keeps on giving, literally. The craft of knitting is one that everyone can learn with a little bit of patience.

If you’re sceptical about this hobby, the health benefits may just win you over.

According to Knit for Peace – a charity network of over 15,000 knitters – knitting can help with depression and anxiety. A bonus is this craft can help to slow the onset of dementia and aid with chronic pain.

Because knitting involves the repetitive motion of looping and purling a thread, our minds can fixate and become distracted, blood pressure and heart rate can be lowered – leading to a decrease in stress.

Knitting is, therefore, a resolution to harnessing our tension and reducing unnecessary worry.

Why not grab a pair of needles – we suggest a plastic or bamboo pair of you’re a beginner.

This material is affordable and far more flexible than a pair of wood or aluminium made needles.

Start by knitting squares and other flatter patterns. Do some research into what you want to create. We love Wool and the Gang – a collective reinventing the craft experience – their website is full of beginners advice and essential materials, including wool, needles, cross-stitching and crocheting kits if you fancy challenging yourself further.

Whether you’re planning on knitting a blanket, hat or an entire rug, the craft has added benefits. Why not start a knitting club via video call with your friends and family, the perfect distraction during isolation.

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