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The Natural Ingredient Your Skincare Routine Needs This Summer

The Natural Ingredient Your Skincare Routine Needs This Summer

Huda Beauty’s NYMPH (Not Your Mama’s Panty Hose) promises to give you a beautiful glow and a plethora of serums on the market can undoubtedly give you a dewy look. But there’s one ingredient that will give you a REAL glow from the inside out: Vitamin C.

Eating a balanced diet inclusive of Vitamin C heavy foods such as oranges and lemons may produce clearer skin (in addition to being good for your general system), but in order to see the real skincare effects of Vitamin C, digesting it isn’t enough – you’ve got to lather it on.

A natural skin-brightener, Vitamin C infused products will not only help lighten any dark spots you have from the sun, ageing or just good ol’ zit-popping, but will also give your skin an overall luminosity that is hard to replicate. You can find a number of Vitamin C products with a mixture of ingredients and concentrations, but here’s our favourite collection from Pixi Beauty:

Do you use different skincare products in the summer?

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