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The Normal People TV Adaptation Is An Absolute Must See

The Normal People TV Adaptation Is An Absolute Must See

I think it is fair to say that the stunning new BBC / Hulu adaptation of Sally Rooney’s best selling novel, Normal People, has taken the nation by storm. 

Whether you are an avid fan of the book or are looking for a new series to binge, you will become utterly absorbed in the unfolding love story between the two protagonists, Connell and Marianne.

Set in Ireland, the story follows the lives of our two main characters over four years. Poles apart in class and popularity, Marianne, a private and lonely intellectual and Connell, the popular, loveable boy next door, begin seeing each other in secret at school, going on to circle in and out of each other’s lives throughout university. 

Exploring the heart-stopping highs and dark lows of first love, identity, school, university and so, so much more, this raw and honest depiction of young love and all its intensities and frustrations will truly make you feel all of the emotions. 

Split into twelve half an hour episodes, each is presented almost as a mini movie as Connell, played by Paul Mescal and Marianne, played by Daisy Edgar-Jones, navigate their way through their complex yet unbreakable bond. 

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Whether you binge the series in a day, or spread it out and watch two at a time like me, (I didn’t want it to end), it truly captures the emotional intensity and relatability that people fell in love with in the book. 

Normal People is the perfect series to get completely lost in during these uncertain times in lockdown. Whether you leave becoming obsessed with the soundtrack, the all round excellent, effortless performances by those involved, or find yourself on the Instagram account that pays homage to the chain, (a main character in its own right), that Connell wears throughout, the beautiful and heartbreaking story will stay with you in one way or another; a true sign of compelling TV and story writing at its best. 

Did you enjoy the TV adaptation of Normal People as much as the book?


A raw and honest depiction of young love.

Story writing at its best.

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