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3 Healthy Alternatives to Your Morning Coffee

3 Healthy Alternatives to Your Morning Coffee

Coffee is a drug, and while we’re not likely to put Nespresso out of business anytime soon, there are healthier alternatives that aren’t as addictive (or teeth-staining). They may not give you as much of an energy kick as your favourite latte, but hopefully the act of preparing each drink will wake you up a bit. Here are our favourite healthy alternatives to coffee:

Do you drink coffee every day?

Celery Juice

If you drink coffee for its digestive properties, then a natural alternative is celery juice. Don’t click away yet! I know it’s a hard sell, but I promise, after the first few sips, it tastes just like an iced frappe…kind of. Cut off the ends of a few stalks and blend with ice for mega anti-inflammatory benefits.

Lemon/Cucumber Water

The easiest of the three to prepare, all you need is a glass of water and a lemon or a cucumber! Cut your chosen fruit into thin slices and simply drop into the water for a refreshing drink. Not only is water so so so good for you (we know you’ve heard it enough) but the added benefits of lemon (detoxifying, anti-bacterial and a good source of vitamin c for your immune system) and cucumber (delivers antioxidants and lowers blood pressure) make this the perfect drink to start your day with. Plus, who doesn’t feel ultra-luxe drinking cucumber water at 7am, amIrite?

Fruit Smoothie

The right flavours should give you enough of a kick to start your day off right. Frozen fruits work best – chuck your choice of fruits into a blender, add a splash of mix and churn it up. Pour into a cup with a (paper) straw and sip away.

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