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OMGyes: the Webpage that Helps Women Orgasm

OMGyes: the Webpage that Helps Women Orgasm

In 2016, the magazine Archives of Sexual Behavior published a study which stated that only 65% of women reach an orgasm during sex. The number is 30% higher for men: 95% of the male population orgasm during sexual intercourse. For many cases, the reason for the big difference is the fact that 75% of women need external stimulation in order to have an orgasm.

OMGyes is a webpage that offers its users a solution: it teaches both women and men how to sexually satisfy a woman. The founders of the programme Rob Perkins and Lydia Daniller have discovered that the main problem is how to reach an orgasm during every sexual intercourse.

In 2015, the founders of OMGyes started collaborating with the University of Indiana. Together they carried out a research in which they interviewed over a thousand women between the ages of 18 and 95. They asked them about the techniques they use during masturbation and sex with partners. Thirty women even agreed to show these techniques on camera.

The OMGyes team managed to explore the topic in detail and not only describe but also give names to the various techniques. They claim that their focus is on pleasure as such and not on the orgasm as the main goal. The orgasm will be reached in the end, as long as we spend enough time providing pleasure.

OMGyes offers 73 videos and 12 topics for a one-time payment of 45 euros. And this is only the first season which mostly focuses on external stimulation. The second season educates the users on penetration and the combination of both, and the third season is on the way.

Will you be using OMGYes?

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