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Short and Sweat: A Beginners Guide To Yoga

Short and Sweat: A Beginners Guide To Yoga

Looking to keep fit and healthy? Incorporating yoga has incredible benefits. Practising these poses helps to improve blood flow, immunity and strengthens the back and posture.

Do you practice yoga?


Start by sitting on your yoga mat. Cross your legs and place your hands on either side, palms facing upwards. Close your eyes and listen to your breath, inhale and exhale several times and make sure to breathe in deep, all the way down to your stomach and back out. Controlling your breath will clear your mind and help your practice.


Get down on all fours and lift your stomach in so you feel the tension in your stomach. Keep your palms facing forward with hands shoulder-width apart.


Tuck your toes under and bring your hips back into the air. Keep your legs bent and your arms outstretched, make sure your hands are firmly planted on your mat and shoulder-width apart. Keep your head down and bring your stomach in and inhale and exhale while you alternate each leg, bending one and straightening the other.


From downward-facing dog, bring your body towards the mat so that you are in a plank position and lower it to the ground. Bring your chest up slowly and inhale your breath. Keep your back tight. Repeat this motion for a few breaths. This movement will strengthen the back and leg muscles.


From your downward-facing dog, as you exhale bring your right foot forward in a swift movement so that it sits between your hands. Keep your hips low as you bend and stretch deep into the lunge. As you inhale engage your abs and bring your chest up. Bring your hands forward and up into the air.


Standing at the top of your mat, take a wide step back with your left leg. Keeping toes pointing out with feet hip-distance apart. Check-in with your posture and align your hips forward. Bend your right knee, thigh parallel to the ground. Keep your weight in your right heel and big toe. The chest should be open. Extend arms overhead. Lean into this stretch for a few breaths. If you can, lift your neck and look up.

Alternate these poses and repeat. With a surplus of yoga videos online, there’s no shortage of new poses to try out. Happy savasana!

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