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Zodiac Prints You Can Frame and Put on Your Wall

Zodiac Prints You Can Frame and Put on Your Wall

Horoscopes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Yet, some people scan for their star sign in every horoscope meme they find on the internet, and some (no pointing fingers…me) know everything about their birth chart. For those of us who do love our celestial pairings, star-sign inspired décor can be a great addition to our homes…yet it seems quite difficult to find any items that aren’t cheesy or plastered in galaxy print. One great option, however, is Sunday Lane.

The Australian store sells homeware, gifts, furniture and jewellery. But their best and most unique products are their Zodiac prints. The prints each feature a beautifully minimal illustration alongside a short passage describing the woman of the zodiac, from Aquarius being defined as a “woman who will love without limits” to Aries supposedly possessing “a fire that will fuel her ambitions”. 

Though you’ll have to pay for international shipping ($20), the print is a beautifully designed piece of art that can add an air of refined mysticism to your interior, and remind you that your flaws are not flaws…just traits of your zodiac.

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