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Stop Everything and Throw These 15 Things Away

Stop Everything and Throw These 15 Things Away

The art of decluttering is just that…an art. There’s an expertise to it that has been honed for generations in Eastern traditions. But you don’t need to be Marie Kondo or Dominique Loreau in order to have a clean home and not be a hoarder, and what better a time than now to declutter your home. Here’s a definitive list of 15 things you should throw away, give away or recycle right now.

1. Old and expired make-up

Check the number on the little tube that’s printed on the back. 6M means 6 months, 12M means 12 months etc etc.

2. Extra cords

Especially if you don’t have what they are attached to or if they’re torn or broken.

3. Old books

These take up a lot of space. Donate them to a charity book store once lockdown restrictions ease or send them to your friends to keep them entertained.

4. Old Perfume

After a while, they smell stale.

5. Birthday cards

We know, we know, that birthday card you received from your ex-bestie on your 12thbirthday means a lot to you…chuck it in the recycling.

6. Expired medicine

Or run the risk of it doing more harm than good.

7. Expired food

You should be doing this periodically anyway, but here’s a reminder.

8. Take out menus

Throw them out and download some healthy eating apps instead.

9. Old/Junk Mail

Be honest with yourself…is that letter you’re keeping really important?

10. Clothes you haven’t worn in the past 4 months

Unless the clothes are seasonal, i.e. a winter jacket that you’ll only need for winter, give it away. It can find a better home than the back of your closet.

11. Single socks


12. Worn out bras

These can actually be bad for you. Time to go shopping.

13. Used Candles

We mean those that are down to about a centimetre.

14. Old pots and pans

If they’re crusty, your food will be too.

15. Expired Batteries

Regular batteries can be thrown away with waste, but lithium, button and rechargeable batteries should be recycled at an appropriate location.

Are you a hoarder?

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