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Which Female ‘Friend’ Shares Your Friendship Style?

Which Female ‘Friend’ Shares Your Friendship Style?

What's your favourite thing to do with your friends?

What do your friends love the most about you?

What's your biggest flaw? (Being)

The whole group's together for a holiday supper. What's your role?

What would you do if you saw your friend's partner cheating on her?

It's your best friend's birthday. What are you buying her?

How many friends do you spend time with regularly?

Your friend invited you to watch his new play's awful. What's your reaction when he asks you how it went?

Have you ever betrayed a fellow goddess for a 'lightning bearer'?

Which Female 'Friend' Shares Your Friendship Style?
Monica Geller
You're the glue that holds everyone together. Whether it's cooking a dinner with three different types of potatoes, teaching your guy friends about the seven erogenous zones or doing a silly dance with a turkey on your head, you're always there for the gang when they need you.
Phoebe Buffay
You're the friend that keeps things interesting. The rest of the gang may not agree that your Mum was reincarnated as a cat or that dying Christmas trees need to be saved from the wood chipper. But your heart of gold, infectious optimism and lust for life boosts everyone's spirits when you're around.
Rachel Green
You're the gal pal who's always pushing herself to do better, whether it's following your dreams in the fashion world or learning to make trifle. Your courage, independence and trend-setting style make you a valued friend.
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