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Mindset: Balancing Feelings & Manifesting the Positive

Mindset: Balancing Feelings & Manifesting the Positive

A lot of us are aware of manifesting our dreams and trusting in the Universe to additionally guide us. That in itself is amazing, and something that is just as important as actively taking steps to reaching our goals. People typically affirm that to truly manifest you have to be in the right positive mindset. However, a part of me does believe that we won’t always be in a positive, happy, bright mindset. Sometimes all we can see is the hardship in front of us – what’s to be done then?

I was recently down in a dark place and was battling the thought that “I can’t make what I want to happen if I’m feeling this low! But I don’t want to shun these feelings away, they’re just as important!” That inner conflict is bewildering, an oddity, and increasingly perplexing. We make ourselves feel even worse by comparing where we should be vs. where we are, and what a place to be stuck in between.

The big question is, “how do we balance our feelings and our forward thinking mind?” Our feelings are what we are experiencing currently, and our forward thinking mind is what goals, experiences, future feelings, and ideas of what we want our life to look like are.

Do you have trouble balancing your feelings?

First, go through your feelings, and truly set aside time to feel them. Don’t bury them until all of a sudden they explode and you have to deal with them in a fluster. I did this the other day – I could feel my emotions & feelings bubbling up and I wanted to cry, but couldn’t for some reason. I knew that I would feel better after I let it all out, and so I set aside time later in the evening to do just that. I created a space just for those feelings. I honoured the hurt, I gave it a space and time, and allowed myself to face them.

I turned on my favourite mellow, sad songs that genuinely have beautiful and meaningful lyrics, the likes of Kina Grannis, LAUV, and LANY. Then I just allowed my thoughts to ramble, and soon enough I cried…and cried. I cried all that evening, then the next morning I cried again. Did I feel better? Somewhat, but I more so felt empty, and drained. When I would go to therapy previously, I sometimes did indeed feel worse coming out of the session, and asked my therapist if that’s normal and they acknowledged it is. We open this can of hurt, trauma, sadness, anger, complexities and queries, and can’t expect in fifty minutes to feel amazing afterwards. There’s always the possibility we will feel great though, and that’s what we aim for but sometimes the hurt lingers, until it just doesn’t anymore.

But something happened – not to me, but I made it happen. I began re-watching the YouTube series The Skin Deep and was enamoured by the meaningful & real connections these partners were creating / re-opening / acknowledging. It made me remember how important deep and honest connections are. So, I ordered their card game {THE AND} Friends Edition, and I’m invigorated with joy and anticipation to play the game with my friends and loved ones (there are a few other editions such as the Couples Edition, Family Edition, and the Strangers Edition, to name a few.) This intentional action I took allowed me to see some sort of light within the tunnel, as I felt like “I’ve done something actively to better the situation.” Importantly, I acknowledged how in control I felt of this situation. This is so important – we have to give ourselves credit for the good we do through healing our hurt. Often we forget we are making progress, even if it’s small and not monumental – it offers itself to the bigger picture of healing.

The day where we are so ready to manifest our dreams is not guaranteed to come – there’s no set date, but the best thing we can do is take steps to actively take back control within our lives. There are days where all we possibly can do is feel the hurt, and there are some days where in between the hurt we can nudge in control and set in place steps to still manifest and set in place the path for us to reach our goals and where we want to be. Both days should be acknowledged as growing parts for healing ourselves, day by day, without rushing the process.

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