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5 Daily Email Newsletters Almost As Good As Ours

5 Daily Email Newsletters Almost As Good As Ours


Word on the block is that our daily newsletter is the best there is. The block is us…the word is from our mouth…But that doesn’t make it any less true, right? Nevertheless, we’re not looking for a monopoly in the newsletter world, so here are 5 other great ones you should sign up to, to make your mornings a little bit better.

1. The Skimm

Perhaps the mother of daily newsletters, The Skimm gives you a smart and quick-witted yet relatable breakdown of the top news stories across finance, politics, sports, and much more. The uber-popular newsletter starts off with a topical quote of the day and goes on to give the news as if you were talking to a friend.


2. The Daily News In Brief

Fashion and lifestyle site SheerLuxe’s daily newsletter is one you absolutely need to subscribe to. Laid out in an easy to read format, it offers a thorough insight into each day’s news. It covers only worthwhile topics, from politics and economics to environmental news and health updates. You’ll be through the newsletter in under 10 minutes and will be vastly more informed once done.


3. The Hustle

Focusing on tech and business, this sharp and witty newsletter delivers all the most important news to your inbox each morning. With topics ranging from real estate and the fashion industry to CRM tactics and other business advice, this is one of the best newsletters I’ve found for budding entreprenuers. And it doesn’t hurt that they give out free stuff as well!


4. The Daily Good

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The newsletter offshoot of ‘The Good Trade’ (an online site focusing on conscious fashion, beauty, and lifestyle) offers a calming retreat in your inbox. Each day, you get a recommendation from the editors on where to visit, who to follow, what to listen to and read, and much more. The newsletter is expertly curated so that you get a really great guide on how to live your most conscious life.


5. CNN 5

The news outlet’s daily newsletter provides 5 bite-sized pieces of information to “get [you] up to speed and out the door” each weekday. Mostly centred around politics, tech, and world news, each of the 5 summaries gives a comprehensive look at what you need to know about the headline. The newsletter also allows you to see what people are reading the most from CNN and includes a daily quote.



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