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Mindful Money: Eat Better for Cheaper with These Food Hacks

Mindful Money: Eat Better for Cheaper with These Food Hacks

In the wake of everything going on around the world (*ahem economy collapsing ahem*) we’re becoming a lot more mindful of where we put our money and we’re sure you are too. That’s why we’re starting a new bi-monthly series, Mindful Money, where we’ll share tips to help you live well on a budget. Here are some great budgeting food hacks to start off!

  1. Plan Your Meals

Using a meal plan is a great way to save extra money. The pennies really do add up if go into the supermarket (or grocery shop online) every few days with no idea what you want to buy and end up walking out with much more than you needed. By creating a weekly meal plan and actually sticking to it, you won’t be making any unnecessary purchases.

2. Ditch The Plastic Water Bottle

You’ll be killing two birds with one stone by doing this. Firstly, you’ll be helping the environment by not adding another plastic bottle to our oceans. Secondly, you’ll be saving a ton of money, as even buying just one plastic bottle a day can add up. 

3. Bulk Buy

The holy grail of all holy grails. Bringing economies of scale straight to your pantry, bulk buying really does let you save some money as you can stock up on large bags of rice, cereal, pasta and other items for next to nothing. The amazing thing too is that they will last for a really long time, and are versatile enough that you can make hundreds of different meal combos with them.

4. Go Veggie

Perhaps the hardest to do, but also perhaps the most impactful. Cutting meat out of your diet is great for your wallet, your body and the environment. But it’s a hard one. We suggest taking small steps. If you tend to eat meat every day, try having one or two meat-free days per week. If you’re already veggie, challenge yourself and go full-on vegan. Just make sure you’re getting all of the nutrients you need!

Do you think you spend too much on food?

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