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April Book Club: The Art of Simplicity

April Book Club: The Art of Simplicity

This month, we’re taking part in a wildly thorough spring clean, and Dominique Loreau’s The Art of Simplicity: How to Live More With Less offers a beautifully written account of the benefits of living a simple life. The advice Loreau gives, ranging from the importance of body brushing to the advantages of decluttering, are well-known practices in the East, and Loreau adapts them to Western audiences in a refreshing manner. Though you may not chuck out all of your belongings once you’ve read the book, it definitely will force you to re-evaluate the things you hold dear in your life and let go of the things that you can do without. Read on for our favourite quotes from the beautiful book and make sure you grab your copy here.

“Simplicity means possessing little, clearing the way for the bare necessities, the quintessence of things. Simplicity is beautiful because it brings hidden joys.”

“We do ourselves as much harm by negative thinking and behavior as we do by an unhealthy diet, smoking, or lack of sleep. Our frustrations are the result of unfulfilled desires, anxiety is the result of uncertainty, and negativity is the result of low energy and self-esteem.”

We do not seek perfection, but a life more richly lived.

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